The $5.00 Bag Lady Scores!


The Our Lady of Victory bag sale started at noon yesterday.  Since Seaside was jam packed with tourists, it took me until 12:17 to find a parking spot and get in line for a $5.00 bag.  A smiling  round faced silver haired gal was as happy as me to pick out a well used canvas tote to which she secured a piece of masking tape.  She used a green fluorescent marker to write “paid”.  I think the Women’s Ministries gals look forward to Bag Day as much as us shoppers! I couldn’t believe I got so much for $5.00!


 Trims are expensive in the store, so it is a treat to get a bargain!  I can use these for so many projects!



Headbands are the bases of my crowns, these were unused YAY!



I use watches in ornaments, Christmas trees, and mixed media collages.  The necklace can be taken apart for my upcycled collage necklaces.



I am thinking “message in a bottle” for the glass shell and who can pass up a bag of shells?



The gallery wrapped photo canvas can be sealed with gesso and made into a mermaid mixed media piece.  I wanted a challenge so I got the brass wall plaques to stretch my upcycling imagination.



There were items at the sale that were not eligible for the bag sale like this vintage silver plate tea set but the gals were happy to sell it for $20.00.   The teapots will be made into two more “The Sea is Her Cup of Tea” dolls and I will use the tray as a base for a boho inspired mermaid chalk paint mixed media that popped into my head when I looked at the tray!

It was so fun getting my bargains and now I’ve got some work to do!  No time to work on my ideas today because it is ARTWALK!  Sunrose Gallery will be open from 5-7pm with featured artist Zemula Fleming.  I COLLECT HER ART!


Even though I am not Featured Artist, I attend every ArtWalk to greet folks at the gallery because my space is at the front entrance and Cathy loves me to be the unofficial welcome-r.  I am bringing my debit card for sure!!!

Hope you have a happy weekend!



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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