Royal Repurposing


I was thinking about YOU when I got the idea for my Queenly Playing card dolls!  Yes, you if you are kind, encouraging and a little whimsical.  LOL. Why do we buy something in the first place?  Basically, we make purchases for our home, our closet or others.  My customer is usually glad to find a OOAK item like the Card Doll for a gift.  I make stuff for the folks who like to give!


I live in Oregon where anything repurposed is valued. Lucky me! I came up with the idea for the Queenly Playing Card Dolls because it is normal to see decks of cards for sale at garage sales.  You glue together 8 playing cards and decorate the edge with a single row of diamond wrap (I got mine at Dollar Tree.) Give her a ribbon skirt with a ribbon rose flower trim.


The fun part is coming up with the terse sayings.  They need to be sassy but not cutting!  I imagine the Queenly Card Dolls hung by the computer at the office after it is passed around to anyone who needs a smile.


I sell the Queenly Playing Card Dolls for $8.00 retail.  I can make 30 or 40 of them in a day mass production style.

Since folks are always needing gifts I like to meet that need and the Anniversary Dolls were born using brass lid brackets I found at garage sales.


My first post in WhimziVille was the story of these dolls and bragging that I got published in Stampington Green Craft Magazine.  I had visions of Stampington needing all of my craft ideas.  Then it dawned on me that I could start a blog and share creative ideas to my hearts content.  Someone asked me if I run out of ideas, and the answer is a resounding NO! But I could run out of paper to write them all down. LOL

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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