Goodbye Little Cat!

40 x 30 Mixed Media Cat by the Sign

Goodbye Little Cat!  This 40 x 30 mixed media piece has been collecting dust for over a year.  The background has been reworked 4 times and had many chances to sell.  I was featured artist last year at a gallery in Astoria and needed one last large piece so I added the cat and the bird with  glittery crowns and made the sign post with local cities and worked in a few white buildings.  I figure I have had the gallery wrapped canvas since 2007 and it is time to repurpose the canvas!

Last week I played tourist in Manzanita, Oregon  when some family came for a visit over Labor Day weekend.  It is fun to go through the shops and Manzanita had a lot of inspiration for me!  I found some really cool papers!  This Juliet Rose Gift Wrap sheet cost $3.50 and I immediately thought of my decoupaging the gift wrap to  the Cat piece so I could use up the canvas.

juliet Rose Gift Wrap Sheet

I used a new razor blade to detach the canvas sheet from the frame and set the frame aside.  I cut sections of the paper and decoupaged them to the front of the canvas with Mod Podge.

I had forgotten that I used the canvas back for a spray painting project!  oops. The gift wrap adhered beautifully to the acrylic covered canvas and I cut out sections using hot glue and more paper pieces to glue the sections to the Dollar Tree Wreath Frame.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe canvas is the perfect weight and has a little curl to make the flower print of the gift wrap have a little life.  I have leftover pieces for another project so the Little Cat has more than one life!  I will add this wreath to the inventory of my Merry Mermaid Booth but don’t really expect it to sell…but it will have a good chance of selling at the Spring Bazaar I enter every year.

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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