Ukulele Upcycled Patriotic Wall Art

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Ukelele Upcycled Patriotic Wall Art

I couldn’t resist rescuing this ukulele from the FREE BOX when I was collecting stuff for my Garage Sale Report #7!  It was fun to repurpose it into some cool patriotic wall art.

Garage Sale Report #7

If you want to duplicate this idea, ukuleles are pretty easy to find at thrift stores or maybe you have an old one tucked in your attic.

#1.  Cover the neck front with masking or painter’s tape, then spray paint the front and back with navy blue paint.

#2.  After the spray paint is completely dry, remove the painter’s tape and paint every other section of the neck with white paint.

#3.  After the white paint is dry, apply glue to the remaining sections and cover the glue completely with extra fine red glitter.


#4.  Cover the sides of the ukulele with gold glitter foam stars.



#5. Cover the head of the neck with red glitter foam stars.



#6.  I used  a bunch of chip board letters, but you can use magazine font letters or if you are handy at lettering, draw on the words!



This ukulele didn’t come with strings and I thought it would be cute to use bakers string for a whimsical touch.  I made a loop at the bottom of each string and then cut the loop so there was a little “fringe” that would hide the hot glue and also have something bulky for the hot glue to adhere to.



Use a dab of hot glue to the string as you start your wrap and finish with a dab of hot glue to secure the string to the knob.  I left the strings about 1/2″ for a bit of whimsy.


I put a hanging loop on the back so it can hang on the wall, but it would be a cute patriotic decoration your house in the bookcase, on the buffet, anywhere you want to add a little fun and color for your Fourth of July!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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