Eye Know It’s Silly

Eye Themed Art Dolls

These little wall hanging art dolls are silly to the max!  They are going to be part of a whimsical 2nd Saturday ArtWalk at Luminari Art Gallery in Astoria, Oregon in October.  The gallery owners were full of giggles when they explained the theme will be “eyeballs”!  Oh the plans they have!!!



I recently discovered +150 magnification wasn’t correcting my closeup vision so I needed to toss about 6 pairs of glasses.  I used the ear pieces for the legs and loved how their legs are crossed.  I had a supply of little cardboard gift boxes that I covered in washi tape.

My contribution are these art dolls with oh so big eyes (a digital printout that I purchased on Etsy) so the phrases on each doll carries out the theme:



I like to be whimsical with a touch of inspiration  :  )




I like that phrase and thought of including it in my selection because I see so many folks with their eyes latched onto a smartphone screen!  Even in the restaurants we pass by on our nightly walk in downtown Seaside, Oregon…sometimes everyone sitting at the booth is looking at their cell phone.  LOL



I had to include a sassy phrase because the only folks who are going to fork out cash for one of these art dolls is going to be sassy!  teehee




These earrings finish off the silliness.  I made them with plastic packaging material and used a printout of the eyes I purchased on Etsy.  I added the text before I printed them.

My contribution to 2nd Saturday ArtWalk is tiny, but it sure was fun to play!  I can hardly wait to see the other contributions from Luminari Gallery artists.


Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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