Free Printable Repurposed Vogue Magazine Cover Greeting Card

vogue card feature

When I got my new coffee table sized book of vintage Vogue magazine covers, this lovely lady really stood out!  Her face really tells a story and if you combine her face with her hands, well that really tells a story!


december 1920 vogue

Even though the scene is gorgeous, I only wanted to use her face to feature because of  her beautiful countenance.


I had already purchased this set of background images last year from the Etsy shop “The House Across the Bay” and loved the image that seemed to simulate an oval mirror.  I had to erase (with clone and heal in my photo software) a few of the top leaves because they blocked part of the word “thinking.”

The woman’s conveys affection, amusement, and warmth….lovely thoughts to express in a gretting card.

Click and Print:

Vogue Magazine Thinking of You Card pic for pdf

If you print the card, be prepared to cut 1/2″ off the top and each side plus 1″ off the bottom to fit the card in an A7 envelope.

vogue card feature

Nowadays with social media and our smart phones doing our communicating for us, it is quite a surprise to go to the mail box and find a card shaped envelope in the pile of bills and junk mail.  Feel free to print this as many times as you want to send a warm greeting to someone!



Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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