Easy Etsy Advent Calendar


easy etsy advent calendar

Etsy is my go-to for cool printables.  Someone else does the work, I purchase it and can print it as many times as I want.

advent etsy

I love the whimsical mash up of authentic Christmas colors and one of a kind numbers.  It was totally worth the price of $3.50 which I don’t count in my costs because I can use it year after year.  If you click on this photo, it will take you to the Etsy shop so you can purchase it.

advent etsy start

I used a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas painted with forrest green acrylic paint.  I buy packs of 10 canvases and use a 40% off coupon so they cost $2.00 each! However if you don’t have a canvas to use, you can a paint a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Step One:  Purchase the sheet of numbers from Etsy, print out on cardstock and cut each number out.

Step Two: Paint your board (whether it is a canvas or cardboard)

Step Three:  After the base is dry, attach each number with hot glue.

Step Four:  Use hot glue to attach a magnet to 25 pieces of Christmas wrapped candy.

easy etsy advent back

Step Five: Magnetize the back of the canvas with a sheet metal shingle (get it at your local hardware store) or use a cookie tin can like I did.  I cut the metal with tin snips and the metal is easy to cut.


advent etsy feature

Since this calendar is going to a Christmas bazaar, I had to keep track of my costs:  $2.00 for the canvas, $2.00 for the Christmas candy, $2.00 for the magnets. The tin canister had been sitting in the studio for a long time so I count is as a freebie. I don’t include the cost of the Etsy numbers because I can print it out for years.  I am pricing this advent calendar at $18.00 and hope it sells!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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