Freebie Friday: Altered Altoid Tin Free Printable Magnet Set

retro magnets set for blog I ordered a package of 24 altoid -type tin containers and had to come up with some cool ideas to use them all.  Retro Atomic Mid Century items are really hot on Etsy, so I purchased some scrapbooking paper to convert one of the tins into a glass magnet set. retro magnets for blog

I used the pinky paper on the top with black glitter glued to the edge and paper polka dot ribbon on the bottom edge.

magnet set inside

I used the blue toned paper for the inside…don’t the glass marble magnets look so cute nestled in the tin?

I found some font on the web that fits the mid century retro atomic style perfectly to print the word “Magnets”.  This magnet set it perfect to tuck into a desk at work or in a drawer in the kitchen for whenever you need a magnet for a bill or recipe you need to have handy. I hope you are inspired to make a magnet set of your own either to keep or make as a gift!


Step One:  Print PDF and cut out pieces. Step Two:  Attach Pink piece to the top with Mod Podge, let dry and apply a coat of Mod Podge on top. Step Three:  Line the insides with the blue pieces (I used a glue stick to attach them) Step Four:  Clean 4 flat glass marbles (gems)  with vinegar to remove all oils.  Don’t cut out the round magnet pieces.  Simply squirt a large amount of hot glue on each magnet image and IMMEDIATELY press the flat glass marble into the glue causing it to spread to the edge of the glass marble. Repeat until all the magnet images are covered with a glass marble.  When the hot glue is cooled, use scissors to cut the paper (and the excess glue) as close to the edge of the marble as possible. Step 5:  Use hot glue to attach a magnet.   Cut out and attach the “magnets” to the top.


magnet pieces for blog photo for pdf

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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