Free Printable Scripture Dolls Tutorial

scripture dolls feature

I had so much fun making  little “Scripture Dolls”!  They make a sweet little gift and can hang just about anywhere with an encouraging verse to lift your spirits.


scripture dolls start

These are the supplies I used: print out of doll bodies, print out of faces and wings, a piece of light print scrapbook paper, some cardboard (a cereal box works!), wire, and glass gems.

scripture dolls paper

I made the scripture doll bodies on white paper.  Download the body pdf, but when you print it out, use lightly printed scrapbook paper.



scripture dolls assembly 1

Step One:  cut out a body and wings and attach the wings.


scripture dolls assembly 2

Step Two: Use glue stick to attach the body to cardboard and cut out.

scripture dolls assembly 3

Step Three:  Cut out leaving some card board exposed for decoration on the bottom.


scripture dolls assembly 4

Step Four: Use a glob of hot glue to attach the glass gem to the face.  Let cool and cut out.


scripture dolls assembly decorate

Step Five:  Decorate the bottom with ribbon and glitter glue.  Attach the head with hot glue and decorate with a flower or ribbon rose. Decorate the wings with glitter glue.


scripture dolls assembly 5

Step Six: Cut a wire 8 inches long.


scripture dolls assembly back

Step Seven:  After the glitter glue is dry, punch holes with a thumb tack and thread the wire hanger, curling the ends.

I decided to make a new version of these scripture dolls for a craft kit to sell in my Etsy Shop .

verse doll for whimziville 2

I’ve updated the new scripture dolls with modern clip art heads. The kit sells for $12.00 with free shipping with all the supplies to make 6 paper dolls.  This kit makes it easy to assemble scripture dolls without coming up with the supplies that aren’t included in my CLICK AND PRINT.


verse doll sheet photo for pdf



verse angel set photo for pdf






Author: Patty Thurlby

I am a full time artist with a whimsical point of view!

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